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Well today is the day after Mother's Day and a very busy weekend. Friday Tony (papa) and I went to the Dr's to get a Non-Stress test, all is fine with baby. They just wanted to make extra sure that she is moving like she should. Then after that we went furniture shopping for the baby. Unfortunately Wal-Mart did not I have the crib I wanted in white. So we just decided to get the one from IKEA. We went back home to rest and then hit the road and went to Galveston for dinner and a walk on the beach. We celebrated Mother's Day early. Saturday we went to IKEA to get Madison's furniture and put some it of together. Sunday my mom, sister and I went out to eat lunch... it was nice. Later on that afternoon Papa came over and we put together Madi's stuff and watched Grey's Anatomy. We got the room put together by about 10:45pm. And Im so stocked that all is finished. All we need it this tiny light bulb for Madi's lamp. Oh yea and her! Just a couple more weeks till I pop her out! What's even best is it will be just in time for Warped Tour!
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